Getting to Know Dominic Damien

Getting to Know Dominic Damien

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Dominic Damien - Pseudonym for Dante Romano, Columbus, Ohio based graphic designer and art director. After working for several years full time at global and local design firms, Dante decided to venture out on his own to make time for a better balance of client design, artwork and travel.

He finds satisfaction with investigating the rural and urban landscapes around him, paying special attention to textures, colors and juxtapositions of man made structures within natural settings. Using a range of paint mediums, sprays and solvents, Dante likes to let his work unfold as he creates it. Vibrant color striping, graffiti, animal and human forms, floral abstractions, textures and patterns are all mainstays in his visual vocabulary. These concepts are sometimes combined and layered into mixed media presentations and executed as highly stylized representations.

We asked Dominic Damien a few questions to get to know him a little better:


How do you think art can change the world?

Art can help educate, inform and draw attention to issues that quite often get overlooked in other media outlets. Art has movement, Art is a movement.


How did you find your style?

Lots of playing around with different mediums and formats. Lately, I mostly use acrylic for quickness of drying and ability to layer. I tend to jump between larger canvas work and smaller sketchbook paintings depending on my mood or what I may have handy my studio or home. Acrylic seems to translate well between those formats.


What's your favorite color?

I don't have a specific favorite color, I tend to like ranges or combinations of color. Deep purple to bright green and everything in between is what I'm loving currently.

Here are some more of our favorites from Dominic Damien:

See more of his work at or follow along on instagram @t helittleroman

Shop Dominic Damien's work:

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