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What's it like working at Denik? Here are some thoughts from current team members:

"Denik has a special kind of humility that is baked into the company culture, starting from the top down. It allows for collaboration, unity and growth." - Vice President of Retail Sales

"I have been in the workforce for 33 years and in all that time I never once found a company that knows what the term working as a team means until Denik. They are loyal to their employees and let you know that you are valued and that your opinion really matters. Tyler has created an environment that allows you to grow as an employee and as a human being. This has been the best work experience of my life and I am so grateful to be a part of this team." - Senior Retail Coordinator

"To work at Denik is to be constantly learning and improving. While some days, processes, or projects may be challenging, there is no shortage of support and love from the team. Getting out of bed to come to work is easy because I know I'll have great success in my job, all while being surrounded by great friends and colleagues. Success is our goal and we all want each other to achieve it." - - Account Executive

"Your coworkers quickly become your friends. There is a lot of flexibility in most roles, especially as we continue growing and changing - I've been able to kind of build my role around my abilities and interests, rather than the other way around." - Custom Team Coordinator