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Settle In

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Settle In this holidays season with Denik Sets, because sometimes one notebook just isn’t enough.

Our Sets are for versatility—get the same design in a range of different sizes OR if you are looking for a bunch of unique covers, get a coordinated set of the same size. Together or apart, sets have a notebook for every aspect of life. Put them on display, fill the bookshelf, or just plow through ‘em.

We promise the same high-quality printing and the same creative freedom as always, just more of it!


Without further ado, let's meet the Sets!


Set Name(s): Mini Gingham Set, Blue Speckle Set, Grey Speckle Set, Teal Dot Set, Green Grid Set, Yellow Pinstripe Set

What comes in it? One Wire-O Medium, One Wire-O Large, One Classic Layflat, One Pocket

Why this Set? This set is for the aesthetically conscious creatives out there. I know notebooks don't NEED to match each other, but gosh doesn't it make you feel like you have your life together when they do?



Are you a parent? Keep your work schedule in the Large Wire-o, your recipes in the Medium Wire-o, your thoughts in the Lay flat Classic, and your gift wishlist in the Pocket.



Are you an artist? Keep your texture studies in the Large Wire-o, your sketches in the Medium Wire-o, your small-business orders in the Lay flat Classic, and your bucket list in the Pocket.



Are you a student? Keep English in the Large Wire-o, Biology in the Medium Wire-o, Math in the Lay flat Classic, and study-hall love notes in the Pocket.

Set Name: Halftone Classic Layflat Set

What comes in it? Six Classic Layflat Notebooks

Why this Set? Get the six-pack LFC if you're someone who can plow through a notebook. Six notebooks could last you a month...or a year, depending on how much you write. A notebook for every client. A notebook for every kid. A notebook for every feeling? Oh, and did we mention this would rock as decor? Throw it in between some books on your bookshelf in the hallway; grab one when needed.

Set Name: Cool Office Classic Layflat Set 

What comes in it? Nine Classic Layflat Notebooks

Why this Set? The nine-pack is reserved for those who are intensely organized...or those who dream of being that way. Whether you color coordinate your schedule or have trouble matching your socks, the Cool Office Set is all about getting your life together. Think about carrying a handful of these into the studio or piling them onto your desk. This Set comes with a cool, clean, and collected guarantee!

Set Name: Spot Duo Set, Half Circle Set, Circle Duo Set

What comes in it? One Classic Layflat, One Pocket

Why this Set? The perfect, functional duo for gettin' things done. Maybe you brainstorm your ideas in the Pocket and then flesh it out in the Layflat. Maybe you draw little doodles in the Pocket and detailed illustrations in the other. Dream it up and then put it in your Duo Set.

Set Name: Geometric Pocket Set & Abstract Pocket Set

What comes in it? 4-6 Pocket Notebooks

Why this Set? ...because Pocket Notebooks are tiny notebooks for huge ideas! Why is it that when you write in a pocket notebook, you feel more organized, more neat, more...tiny? For the record, these DO indeed fit in that back pocket of your jeans, so they're totally portable and totally adorable. And the designs?!? You need more than one.

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