How To Turn A Hobby Into A Career With Emilee Rudd

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Emilee Rudd

I am a freelance designer, lettering artist, and illustrator based in Sacramento, CA. I’ve spent the last few years freelancing full time on a range of projects and collaborations for both local and international clients, and have loved every minute of it. The life of a freelancer is a challenging and ever-changing ride, and I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way that I hope to share here today.

Tip 1:

Treat every project like it’s your last. No matter the client, project scope, or application - your job as a working artist is to create something unique and impactful. Working with passion and creativity will inspire yourself, your client, and your audience, so be sure to bring the heat every time.

Tip 2:

Know your value! If you’re a freelance creative, treat yourself with respect. Never sell yourself, your talent, or your work short. However keep in mind tip #3...

Tip 3:

Tip 3: Be humble. Just because you’ve put in the hard work and are building your story, never forget the people who helped you along the way. No one finds success alone, and no one is the best at what they do. Take time to treat others with respect and gratitude. Be sure to always be open to learning and new experiences. We gain the best lessons from failure, so embrace the creative process and grow.

I wouldn’t be doing what I love without the help and patience of teachers, family, friends, and of course the clients who supported my business along the way. I also hope that as I’ve grown, I’ve been able to help clients and loved ones discover their own passions, and help them along their journey. If we all work hard and support each other, the sky is the limit!

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