5 Ways I Keep Creating With Lizzie Snow

5 Ways I Keep Creating With Lizzie Snow

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Hey Denik family!

My name Lizzie Snow. I am a 23 year old visual artist, working under my artist name ‘fortyonehundred’.

I am over the moon to be one of Denik’s newest featured artists. In this blog post I will be sharing with you a bit about my work, and 5 tips to get rid of ‘creative block’.

In my art practice I create contemporary explorations of the mandala and free flowing artworks, all inspired by fractals in nature. My works include original drawings and paintings, internationally commissioned murals, limited-edition prints and collectable items.


The concepts behind my artwork revolve around ways to positively evoke relationship between people and the earth. I work with the ethos that emotional connection and education are the first steps towards practical change in terms of helping our environment. We are all interconnected, and this is the driving force behind my artistic expressions.

A little about what I’ve been doing - I have just recently opened my own art gallery in Tofino, BC, Canada - I moved from New Zealand with my dog George! I am honored to have over 115,000 people following my work online. Through my artwork I have worked with brands including Lululemon, Converse and Peugeot, as well as numerous non-profit organizations.

I have a Master of Fine Arts degree and Bachelors degree in Design for Social Innovation. Working with Denik is an exciting new partnership, how amazing is it that they have built 5 schools around the world! I am really pleased to be part of this movement, to build schools through the sales of these gorgeous notebooks, while also supporting artists.

SO - let’s chat about art things. I wanted to share with you 5 ways I keep creating, or get rid of ‘creative block’...

1. Inspiration Strikes Once You’re Already Doing The Thing

So often I hear people saying how they’re sitting with pen and paper yet nothing comes out. Or, they don’t want to draw because they haven’t any ideas. With time I’ve discovered that the inspiration strikes once you’ve already started creating. I love spending time rough-sketching with no expectation, which is often where those ideas spark and formulate. Always be planting and developing those little seeds.

2. Get Outside

Nature is the ultimate inspiration in my artwork. I love the ever changing patterns, the way the weather rolls in and out and the feeling of reconnection with the environment. Being outside is so invigorating - even if you aren’t literally drawing from nature in your artwork, it refreshes your mind, gets your brain flowing and sets you up for some creative work.

3. Find Some Artist Models

Who are the artists that inspire you? Look at books, go to galleries, museums, explore the internet. It’s wonderful to look up to other artists and to be inspired by their techniques, subjects or styles (although please note the difference between inspiration vs. plagiarism!). 4 of my major artist inspirations include Yayoi Kusama, Ernst Haeckel, Alex Grey and M.C. Escher. Go have a look at their work if you don’t already know it, they are incredible artists. 

4. Learn, Learn, Learn

Always be learning and pushing yourself. Whether that’s through university, online courses, talking to people, podcasts, setting goals, reading books, etc. Personally I love to watch/listen to youtube and Skillshare to up my skills. I love challenging myself with a goal, then figuring out the steps to accomplish it. You are the sum of every experience you’ve ever had - so go learn and explore, then see how your new ideas come through in your creative work.

5. Reflect, Create, Evolve

Creativity and creation is a constant journey. Look at your old work, what elements do you like and dislike? Through your current creations, channel these positive critiques as you create new work. Draw everyday, even if it’s just small. Remember to play and have fun!

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  • Such beautiful designs, Mandalas are wonderful things to draw. thank you

    Amanda on

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