How To Not Base Your Self Worth On Likes and Follows
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How To Not Base Your Self Worth On Likes and Follows

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Hi! I’m Amanda Kammarada, a hand lettering artist who’s passionate about using my lettering for good. Words do matter. We have to make them good ones!

My love of lettering and kindness inspired me to create the Be Good To You Club, a way to celebrate self-love through conversation, apparel and accessories.

As a creative entrepreneur who struggles with anxiety & depression, the topic of how our mental health is impacted by social media is very important to me. I use social media everyday, both for my business and personal life.

It’s become a double-edged sword: it’s a must for my creative business but it’s also a comparison trap. Those likes and followers numbers are now correlated with how we feel about ourselves; how successful we are; how important we are. So in a world dominated by social media, how do we stay mentally fit? Here are 3 of my best tips: 

TIP 1: And this is most important: Recognize that what you see on social media is not a true representation of people’s lives. We are comparing ourselves to perfection- which doesn’t exist. Social media showcases all the best aspects of life- it’s rare to see the struggles. When you catch yourself falling into that comparison trap, remind yourself that what you’re seeing is a highlight reel- the positive parts of life- not all the rough, negative parts. Social media is seen as being positive all the time. But in reality our lives just aren’t that.

TIP 2: Take a break! I know, I know. That sounds crazy. But really, trust me. A social media detox works wonders for your mental health. Allow yourself to start being more present and truly experiencing life’s moments. If you can’t take a complete break, try limiting your time on social media each day. Instead of an hour (or more), try just 30 minutes. Or even just 10 minutes. Also- unfollow anyone or any account that makes you feel inferior.

TIP 3: Make a list of things you’re grateful for. Gratitude helps with perspective. By trading in those negative thoughts with grateful ones, you’ll see a shift in your self-esteem and your overall mental health. Seeing a list of the positive things you have in your life or in your business, can remind you that you do matter. The focus becomes on ourselves instead of others. Write it all down- big and small! You’ll see that you truly do have qualities that make you worthy. Look back on the list when those feelings of comparison sneak in.

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