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Are you curious as to what happens with your art when you submit it to the Denik site? Here at Denik we believe your art can help change the world. We want to show you how inspiring we find your submissions and the process of what we do when once we receive the art.


Step number 1: You send your art to - it's best if you send high resolution images (300dpi)

Step number 2: The creative team goes through the emails as they come in and adds them to our databank of awesomeness. We always make sure to attatch your name to the images. This is because we love getting to know you and can easily reference them as we discuss our current needs.

Step number 3: Denik works with a lot of really cool buyers who are always looking for unique and beautiful art. We pull together a collection artwork to fit the clients' needs. This is why we love to see your different styles! Once designs are decided upon, we will email you and let you know YOUR art has been chosen. From there we will work out all the details and put together a contract with you.

Step number 4: The notebooks go into production and could end up anywhere from a cute boutique in New York City, to your local big-box retailer, to your ma and pa shop down the street, and of course up on the Denik website.



Here are a few submissions we have received that have made it onto some of our notebooks. This is to show you what we were sent, and how it ended up looking on different formats! If you love the artist check them out in the description or go ahead and stalk them on instagram! If you really love the item go ahead and click ADD TO CART and use the code ARTISTSUBMISSION for 15% off the item!

Carolina Sin @carto.sin

We love this fun hand drawn pattern with the deep blues and pops of coral!

Dean McKeever @keever

There is always room in our hearts for great illustrations!

Jill De Haan @jill_dehaan

We love seeing cool trendy colors. Please send us all the Florals!Florals!Florals!

Tony Riff @tonyriff

Tony always has funky stuff for us to look at!

Kyson Dana

Everyone has a favorite animal and we are obsessed with this Octopus.

Jill Bruggerman @ginger-jill

Soft cool tones are always a must.

Tyler Spangler @tyler_spangler

Tyler Spangler always comes through with super bright psychedelic colors!

Dominic Damien

Abstract designs and contrasting colors are always welcome!

These Books Build Schools

The best part about teaming up with Denik is not only do you get paid, but another portion of the profit goes to building schools around the world. Because of artists and supporters like you, our 5th school is currently underway in Ghana and is expected to be finished August 2018!

Email submissios to

artist submisstions

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