Thiago Bianchini is a graphic designer and illustrator from Brazil. He attended the University for graphic design and attended the Brazilian Academy of Arts to study illustration. He started drawing seriously at age 14. His first “work” of art was at age 16 when he painted longboard decks for a skateboard shop. At 19 he entered the fashion industry and worked for numerous brands such as Rip Curl, Levi’s, Timberland and others.

Today his motivation is to touch people with his drawings, make them think and make the world a better place. He states “my dream is to make a huge exhibition with my artwork, showing the complicated relationship between man versus nature. To respect nature is to respect yourself. If nature dies we die with it.”

He gives his creations self-style, feelings, language and a new way of looking at our world.
Thiago is also a naturalist and an advocate of animal rights. Whenever he can, he helps with campaigns for non-governmental organizations and also rescues stray cats for adoption.


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