Out Dream Yourself

Out Dream Yourself


Denik x Millennial Miss Collaboration

The Millennial Miss is a digital community dedicated to the evolving twenty- something women who are fearlessly stumbling into the real world. This all-encompassing, lifestyle platform is a pledge to those who haven't quiet figured it all out yet, that we together will survive our 20s with some grace and a lot of humility.

The Millennial Miss is thrilled to partner with Denik, a brand that also strives to make a vast impact on lives and leave behind a trace of love.

Website: themillennialmiss.com

Instagram: @millennialmiss



Our softcover notebooks are 150 pages of acid free, 75% recycled paper.

Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"

The cover has a soft laminate to ensure image quality over time and creates a water resistant external coating. P.s. It feels like magic.

The journals are perfectly-perfect bound (yes, we used perfect twice).  We use a top secret glue which helps the binding resist extreme cold and heat and allows the book to flex and bend... Creating a durable, functional and beautiful piece of art. Fold it up, stick it in your pocket, toss it in a bag, make it yours. It will last.

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