Artist: Kyson Dana

From: Salt Lake City, Utah

via Kyson's website:

"My name is Kyson Dana I am a talented self-taught artist, designer, photographer and art director. My passion is expressing myself creatively. Ever since childhood I’ve labeled myself as an artist and I’ve longed to show the world the stories I feel inside me. My passion for expression has led me to photography, painting, writing, and public speaking, but where I’ve finally landed and found my true love is in graphic design."

See more of his awesome work at: www.kysondana.com



5.25" x 8.25" softcover notebook

75 sheets/150 pages

Lined or blank inside pages

Rounded corners

Glorious smythe-sewn binding allows notebook to lay flat!

Soft-touch, velvet laminated cover that ensures image quality over time and creates a water resistant external coating. P.s. It feels like magic.

We use a top secret glue which helps the binding resist extreme cold and heat and allows the book to flex and bend... Creating a durable, functional and beautiful piece of art. Fold it up, stick it in your pocket, toss it in a bag, make it yours. It will last.


Product SKUs: LFC194L + LFC194B

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