Meet Seven Wolves Design

7WD is an independent, multidisciplinary design and illustration studio with an emphasis on great design. We are new to the social media space and super stoked to join the ranks of such amazing talent.  

Our paths (“The Beard” & “Spanish”) intersected in 2007 while living in NYC and ever since we have continued help shape each others lives both personally and creatively. Currently we split time between Somerville, MA and Brooklyn, NY. We have always been inspired by the journey, tradition/history and the craftsmanship behind it; these themes likely come through in most all of our work. Our family and children provide a great deal of inspiration as well. It is all about the journey for us.

We have partnered with a wide range of clients over the last year from global brands, professional athletes and national music acts to local businesses and start-up entrepreneurs. Our canvases have included everything from apparel and footwear to printed goods and the human body. We live and breath creativity & creative solutions; executing those solutions is what we do best. We are so humbled by the recent response from social media to our work as well as our passion projects. We are currently exploring the space between art and commerce with our own products and look forward to sharing the journey with you.


“The Beard” & “Spanish”

Oh and our favorite sandwich - a moonlighting studio favorite: PBandJ of course.


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