Meet Scott Biersack!

"I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio until the early age of 10 when my family made the move to Phoenix, AZ. I have now lived in AZ for almost 12 years now and have grown to love the desert. I've been drawing ever since I can remember. I recall being really enthusiastic about art in elementary school because I luckily had an art class every single day. I continued the trend throughout high school and never stopped taking art classes. 

I got into design along with art during my high school days and never stopped! I've now worked at an advertising agency called, Zion & Zion for nearly 4 years now.But now, I'm finally done with school and moving to NYC to attend the Type @ Copper program to get my certificate in type design. Other than that, my inspiration comes from the people I surround myself with. People that believe I can be better than I think I can be are the ones that inspire me most. "

Favorite Sandwich? My favorite sandwich is definitely the #16 from Jimmy John's. LOVE THAT THING.

Below is more of his work:

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