Meet Natalia Seth!

"My name is Natalia Seth, and I am a self portrait photographer.  I'm 15 years old, living in the Washington, DC area with my mom and dad (I'm an only child.)  My journey as a photographer all started when i was 12 years old, scrolling through Instagram. I the stumbled upon an edit account and the photos amazed me.  "How was half of her face a tiger? How is she floating?!" I went and bought myself some editing apps and spent days looking at simple editing tutorials.  As my interest in editing grew, so did my follower count on Instagram.  I eventually progressed to photoshop as I use now.  

As my skills increased, my parents (excuse me, Santa) gifted me my Canon T3i DSLR camera.  I WAS IN LOVE.  The quality of the pictures were a revolutionary change from a 4s iPhone's.  I then continued to make surreal, conceptual photographs portraying my dreams and fantasies as well as issues in society.  I plan to keep refining my skills and grow as an artist."


Below you'll find more of her photography:

Follow her on Instagram here: @escapingyouth