Meet Marla Moore!

Florida-born, Kentucky-raised, Washington-based & Earth-bound. I’m a designer, letterer and adventurer who loves movie quotes, dogs, unabashedly friendly people and being in the sunshine. 

I love Seattle, but will always have a soft spot for Kentucky. Being raised amidst the bluegrass provided fertile soil to grow sturdy roots, and an amazingly adventurous set of parents gave me wings and nerves to fly far and wide. I caught the travel bug at a young age, and have leapt at every opportunity to explore ever since.

Like many creatives, I feel best when productive. Even though it becomes easier and easier every year to lose myself in my work, I continually endeavor to step back and enjoy the places and people around me. After all, they’re what matter most. Speaking of people, I always enjoy meeting them, so if you’re in or around the Seattle area, feel free to say hello. And if any of you are considering moving to Seattle, definitely do it. It’s not all rain


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