Meet Hessa.

Hessa Al Ajmani is an Emirati visual artist. Her passion for art had been instilled in her since she was very little, as her family had shared the same passion. She finds inspiration in things that are not usually the center of attention, but are still important in the greater scheme of things. Process is the key. Al Ajmani believes that in order to truly appreciate something, one must try to understand it better. She therefore strives to always find out how things work. Her love for science and outer space has taught to draw inspiration from processes behind natural occurrences, whether at a microscopic or galactic level. Evidence of this is shown through her artwork by using different forms of mark-making to create pieces that are both expressive and realistic.

Throughout the past several years, Al Ajmani has participated in several exhibitions and other art-related public appearances such as Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award (2014-2015), ADMAF Creativity Award (2015-2016), CDA’s Human Rights Short Film Competition (2014) SIKKA Art Fair (2013), Emirates Diaries cover page (2014), Locals on Board pop-up shop (2013), and Because We Care breast cancer awareness campaign and auction (2012). Al Ajmani is currently working to explore different mediums, expand her knowledge of the contemporary art world, and further develop her creative style.


Instagram: @hessaalajmani


Check out more of her work below.