Meet Ian.

"I am from a small town in the South East of the UK called Crowborough, where the author of Sherlock Holmes used to live.  I get inspiration from many different sources, but music and other people's art is where I get the most. I use Pinterest a lot to get idea, as the best work seems to float to the top of that.

I went to art college and did a diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration and then worked at a variety of design agencies before going freelance in 2012.  I used to be a "jack of all trades" designer, but now I specialize in calligraphy and hand lettering and also run a successful shop on Creative Market under the name Vintage Design Co. selling resources to other designers to help them give their work retro or textured affects.  My favourite sandwich is Coronation Chicken (may be just a UK thing, sort of a sweet curry flavour.)"


Instagram: @ianbarnard


Check out more of his work below.