Meet HRVB the Weird!

HRVB.  The name developed over time.  Its main part is the word "Bias" where I very much like the meaning of something being distorted.  It's similar regarding my characters.  They always look a bit distorted.  The other part, "HRV", is a short form of the German appellation for a nobleman.  If you write out the whole name, you end up with "HerR Von Bias."

Growing up in particular areas of Berlin gets you to start something.  Something like stealing things in shops, painting graffiti, doing rap music.  So, I decided to paint.  I started with all that bombing stuff... huge letters, chrome black, three-letter names.  At all, I had done quite a lot of this.  And over time, I got bored of just painting names.  Moreover, I really wanted to express myself and my thoughts.  Thus, I started to create characters.  When you have painted characters for a while you find your individual style.  Nowadays, my characters are just weird.

Since 2009 I have been working as a freelance illustrator and professional graffiti writer in my hometown, Berlin.


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