Meet Glen Ronald!

Glen Ronald was born and raised in Manitoboa, Canada.  As a small child, he drew whenever he could, and showed enough aptitude that he won regional drawing competitions.  After getting a degree in microbiology, the pull of art was strong and he decided to go to art school.  A year of study and experimentation, and lots of academic and group shows led to a scholarship to further study art.  But he chose to study education instead and began a long study of chaos in his spare time.  That’s when his current style began to come into being. 

Glen’s paintins are called chaosmos, for he creates a field of chaos and pulls the cosmos out of it.  There is a dynamic rush of realism pushing against abstraction.  His paintings show both confidence and timidity, with every viewer free to find the images that speak most to him.  And it is appealing; close to 80,000 instagram followers react emotionally to his new movement in art. 

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