Meet Audrey Chenal, founder of Girly Trend

"Someone once told me I was a girly girl on steroids. But things didn't always look so rosy. As a little girl living in France, I would never colour between the lines. With every chaotic scribble I was told that creativity wasn't my thing, so I grew up looking to a black and white future in a 9 to 5.  

Fast forward to adulthood and I grew up into that woman dressed in a neat black suit, rushing to her serious desk job. But just five years ago I decided to banish that beige.  I summoned that little girl with her unique style, I tiptoed into a world blossoming with colour, and I founded Girly Trend. Arming myself with pens, pencils, paints and even a computer mouse, I have delved into days that are now jam-packed with rainbow shades and vibrant hues. My world in no longer monotone, and I certainly don't ever color between the lines.

Girly Trend is a vibrant brand that aims to cast a little colour on the world.  It's your go-to emporium of injecting a little fun into your life."

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