Our Laos School is Completed!

We at Denik are happy to announce that our school in Laos has been completed!!
Mok Chong Pre & Primary School is a 5 classroom, serving hundreds of students.
We couldn't have done this without the help of our amazing partners Pencils of Promise, and of course you, our awesome customers. Together we are changing the world. 

Before (below) Mok Chong School build, students were being taught in an aging provisional structure made of wood, dirt floors and a combination of thatched and metal roofs. Classrooms were heavily congested due to overcrowding, making it difficult for students to focus and concentrate. Lack of light also created a less than ideal learning environment. Additionally, there was not enough furniture, and what they did have would barely last through a school year before the community would have to fix it or try and create temporary solutions.

We recognized and responded to the needs of Mok Chong by helping PoP and the community break ground on a new 5-classroom school, the Mok Chong Pre and Primary School. Teachers, parents and community members were dedicated and committed to the project, contributing up to 20 percent of resources and labor. The Ministry of Education was also supportive throughout the build. After 5 months, we mounted the plaque, concluding tireless work to build a school equipped with formal blackboards, benches, desks, doors, walls and windows. We made this school build possible for the students of Mok Chong and created a safe, strong structural foundation where they will be able to learn and realize their potential and promise.

We want you guys to remember that this wouldn't be possible without people like you! Thank you for purchasing, donating, and helping us build our dream and the dream of many others!


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