Here at Denik, we are always looking for ways to feel inspired. We ran across this wonderful list from Helen Aldous for the blog "Artonomy" and hope that it inspires you too. 


1. Dont be precious about your sketchbook – It will stifle your creativity. — Let the ideas flow. Not all of your drawings have to be perfect so don't worry about a messy drawing inside your beautiful new sketchbook. 

2. Don’t tear out pages or remove work you aren’t happy with. — Your sketchbook should be honest. Dont try to edit it. It’s there as a record of your thoughts and even terrible work is a record of your progress. Even if it looks dreadful there may be an idea there you can come back to at a later stage.

3. Don't let your sketchbook confine you artwork— find new ways to use your sketchbook. Cut things out, paint inside it, make a collage. Think outside of the box and use your sketchbook creatively. 

4. Be Messy. — Try out new techniques and materials in your sketchbook. That way you have an ever growing reference library of what works [and what doesn't].

5. Collect things – Stick them in your sketchbook — Postcards from exhibitions, feathers, leaves, photos, textiles, paint samples, flyers, stickers, magazine cuttings and other memorabilia inside your sketchbook can be a source of inspiration. 

6. I may be obvious but… keep a pen or pencil with your sketchbook. — There’s nothing more frustrating than having a great idea or seeing something amazing and having nothing to draw or write it down with. Always have a pen or pencil attached to your sketchbook. It

7. USE IT — Its so easy to get out of the habit of working in your sketchbook. You forget to take it out a few times and before you know it you haven’t worked in it for six months. Sketching on a daily basis is a good habit that will inspire you and help you grow creatively! 

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