Art Is Changing the World

You've heard our motto before, and we're firm believers in it, "Art can change the world." We're here to tell you that art IS changing the world and we have YOU to thank for that! We partnered up with Mali Rising (2012-2013) and then with Pencils of Promise (2013-2014) to help build schools in developing countries. A portion of every notebook purchased has gone to these foundations, and schools have been built!


With our contributions to Mali Rising, and the contributions of others, 17 schools have been built in Mali and the 18th is underway!

Screen shot 2015-01-23 at 11.57.48 AM.png

Since 2009, Pencils of Promise Foundation has successfully built 268 schools all over the world. 31,244 students are impacted by the schools and programs that are built.

We want you guys to remember that this wouldn't be possible without people like you! Thanks for purchasing, donating, and helping us build our dream and dream of many others!

Denik TeamComment