What does your journal say about you?

 We had an interesting conversation as a company last week. We were talking about our direction and what really differentiated us from our competitors.  As we were talking we realized something interesting… although there are a gazillion competitors in the journal space, no one is really doing what we are doing.  In fact, no one is really going after the youth culture niche like we are.  Of course our journals are for anybody and everybody that wants them, but our aim to make journals that young people (and the young at heart) would like.  This is why we put so much emphasis on giving back through school building, using art and supporting artists, and making a durable product that isn’t intended just to sit at home. We know that our generation expects more out of the products they buy.  We care about self-expression, helping others, and real value.  We know that the products we use say something about us.  What do yours say about you?

     A journal is, at its core, an extension of our mind and thoughts.  But that all of that is contained on the inside of the journal. Journals historically have been homogenous and bland. They’ve never been backed by causes and mission statements - they’ve been little more then stylized paper.  We’re here to fix that.

-Denik Team